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A major point that the race drivers try to get across is, ‘Leave the car alone’. In other words, treat the vehicle gently – even in panic situations. They reinforce this advice by taking the pupils around the track - at near racing speeds - to demonstrate that, even under these conditions, the quickest driver is the one who is smooth, relaxed and easy on the car.
None of this has much to do with 4-wheel driving. However, there is some sort of parallel when you are out in the back country. And that is ‘Always take the sensible route’.                                                                         

We all know of 4WD owners who seem to delight in tackling absolutely impossible obstacles. And who are habitually stuck, bogged or broken down. If you are in a 4WD club, then chances are you will know of at least one member who always seems to get into strife – even when everyone else has gotten through OK. “Chuck’s in trouble again!” can be a familiar, and irritating, announcement over the CB. 

To some 4-wheelers, getting their 4WD immobilized in some way is (to them) a bit of a buzz. It gives them a chance to show their prowess at using recovery gear, building up the trail with rocks, or seeing how many friends they can find to help with the pushing. What they seem to be totally oblivious of, is the bored look on the faces of their passengers and/or other people on the same trip. And the waste of time it is for the other 4-wheelers and their families.
                                                                                                                                           The best 4WD trips are those that demand plenty of driving skill, yet are completed with a minimum of fuss by drivers who are smart enough to know the difference between Possible and Impossible.  

Ray Barker

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