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Some 4WDs are more like cars than real off-road machines. Others, like the new Ford Explorer, never attempt to hide the fact that they where born in a truck division. And the Ford Motor Co knows how to make trucks. 

In North America, the Explorer has been one of the best-selling SUVs for decades. Even though its image copped a battering from the Firestone/roll-over debacle - which involved the earlier models with solid rear axles.

The latest Explorers use an independent rear end, that does wonders for the ride and handling. Although, the trade-off is limited suspension travel and less clearance for those times when you need to tackle rough trails. Not even your local 4WD shop will be able to provide a better 'suspension'. For the rear axles now run through holes in the chassis rails, and this prohibits major  modifications that would normally allow the suspension to be raised higher than standard.

However, as (probably) 99 per cent of Explorers never go exploring on really rough trails, the independent rear, with its better dynamics, will appeal to most shoppers in this category. So will the abundance passive and active safety features, including the responsiveness of the new steering system.

The 2006 Explorer is easily identified by its bold, chrome grille. If you drive a vehicle that doesn't perform as well as the new Ford, you better get used to seeing a lot of shiny, bath-tub designs in your rearview mirror!


If you own, have Driven or have something to say about the Explorer, email us.

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SPECS & STATS - Ford Explorer XLT

Under the hood
Engine Type4.6L V8 24 Valve                                  
Horsepower292hp @ 5750 rpm217 kW @ 5750 rpm
Torque300 ft.lb @ 3950 rpm414 Nm @ 3950 rpm
Fuel Consumption14 mpg city - 20 mpg hwy          17L/100 km city - 12L/100 km hwy

6 Speed Automatic

The Ride
Front SuspensionIndependent short and long arms (SLA) architecture with coil-over shock and stabilizer bar
Rear SuspensionIndependent trailing blade short/long arm (SLA architecture with coil-over shock and stabilizer bar

Size me up
Exterior Height72.8 in     1849 mm
Exterior Width73.7 in1871 mm
Overall Length193.4 in4912 mm
Wheelbase113.7 in2887 mm
Ground Clearance8.2 in208 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity22.5 (gal)85 (litres)                  

Make up - 8 colors
Dark Blue PearlMineral Grey                  
Red FireBlack
Oxford WhiteDark Stone
Pueblo GoldSilver Birch

*Options & specifications may vary in different regions