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Some of the most highly-regarded tires to suit 4WDs are those bearing the  B F Goodrich name. Yet, Goodrich hasn't made a tire in the last fifteen years.
That's right. B F Goodrich didn't make those beefy All Terrains and Mud Terrains now displayed in tire stores.
Dr, Benjamin Franklin Goodrich started designing and manufacturing tires way back in 1870. He is even credited with being the first to add tread to the contact surface of tires.

Apparently, Dr. Goodrich got the idea for tread when he was looking at the smooth grooves car tires had made in a muddy road. His thoughts had nothing to do with safety; he just thought it would be great to mold 'B F GOODRICH' many times around the tire and get miles of free advertising!

The business became one of America's giants, as motor vehicles become an essential part of most businesses and households. In 1946 the B F Goodrich company was the first to manufacture tubeless tires.

In 1986 Goodrich merged with Uniroyal. Then, in 1990, Goodrich-Uniroyal was purchased by the French conglomerate, Michelin.

So, if you need to know anything about B F Goodrich tires, don't try calling the Goodrich Corporation. These days they are one of the world's largest aerospace manufacturers.

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