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According to Vladimir Shaidurov, of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a rise in global temperatures is not due to the creation of CO2 emissions by humans. 

To a meeting at the University of Leicester in England, the Russian said the warming is caused by reduced air moisture at high altitudes. 

Shaidurov said there is plenty of evidence to show that a comet - that crashed in Eastern Siberia in 1908 - could have destroyed enough ice crystal cloud for prolonged warming to take place. 

Known as the Tunguska Meteorite, the comet’s impact on the atmosphere released energy equal to fifteen atomic bombs and felled trees within 2000 square kilometres.

Shaidurov claims the event caused “considerable stirring of the high layers of atmosphere and changed its structure.” 

The scientist said an analysis of global temperature over the last 140 years reveals that temperatures began to rise around the time of the sudden impact.


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