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Australians can be a weird mob.

Their country’s national Coat of Arms depicts a red kangaroo (not the Qantas one) and a flightless bird called an emu. According to myth, the kangaroo and emu were chosen because the design of their anatomy makes them  unable to take a  backward step.

However, many Aussie farmers and graziers regard both animals as pests - especially the kangaroo. Over two centuries, millions of kangaroos have been slaughtered by shooters for their meat and/or pelts, or just for sport. In the 20th century kangaroos began to be harvested to meet the fast-growing demand for pet food.

Now, the meat of both animals (and that of the infamous crocodile) is considered ‘essential’ in restaurants catering for gourmets of fine food and wine.

You are not likely to see Australia’s Coat of Arms above the entrance to a dining establishment, but Aussies must be the only people in the world who eat their own Arms.

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